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Blu-ray Duplicator - Duplicator4all

1 to 11 Burner Blu-Ray CD/DVD Duplicator SATA Burner M-Disc Tower- (SYS11MDBD)


The SYS01MDBD groundbreaking optical disc technology that will last for more than a thousand years, M-DISC duplicators and media provide an innovative way to write data once and read forever. Unlike ordinary discs that use organic dyes to keep data, M-DISC utilizes stable and heat-resistant chemical materials where information cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural deterioration. Regular CD and DVD lasers cannot successfully etch information to the patented inorganic and synthetic materials used with M-DISC.

  • Specifically designed to etch permanent data onto M-DISC media.(M-DISC media is required).
  • Duplicates standard CD and DVD blank media and M-DISC media.
  • Standalone tower type duplicator, NO software or computer required.
  • Burns multiple discs simultaneously at once.
  • Built for continuous burning, no cool down time required.
  • User-friendly interface with LCD display.

Optional Performance:
The M-DISC duplicator is designed to copy onto M-DISC blank media along with standard CD and DVD blank media. Additionally, the top-quality M-DISC system eliminates common problems caused by previous drive/disc interactions. Performance is enhanced when the M-DISC duplicator etches data onto M-DISC media extremely sharp and clear to enable current CD and DVD players to read the finished discs without a problem.

Laser-Etching Data:
Etching the rock-hard data layer encased in the M-DISC requires more power than what's found in a typical optical disc drive. The combination of an optimized laser and optical system with unique, control algorithms in the M-DISC duplicator allows rigorous performance-driven digital data etching into "stone".

While the M-DISC duplicator probably won't last as long as the well-preserved data on the M-DISC media, the durable build of the M-DISC duplicator should still outlast most other optical disc drives and duplicators. With an Anti-Dust design, the chassis insulation aids in the protection of the drive's internal components from dust and small particles that can hinder the drive's operability and lifespan.

Preserving data for the ages should not be a difficult task, and the M-DISC duplicator reflects that philosophy. An easy-to-use LCD display controller interface and standalone operation means no computer or software is required to operate by any type of level user.


    M-disc, Write Once and Read Forever

    • Keep your data over 1000 years with M-Disc.
    • The Produplicator M-Disc Ready duplicators can carve grooves onto the rock-like surface of M-Disc for date security and longevity that has never existed before. Standard DVD s can suffer a decrease in quality overtime, where M-Disc promises superior quality for years to come.


    Writer Target SATA Blu-ray
    BD/BDXL/M-Disc/DVD/CD Burner
    Reader/Source BD-ROM
    Interface Serial-ATA (SATA)
    Formats Supported M-DISC
    BD-ROM (SL/DL)
    BD-RE (SL/DL)
    BD-R (SL/DL)
    DVD-R (SL/DL)
    DVD+R (SL/DL)
    CD-ROM (Data & Audio)
    Photo-CD (Single & Multi-Session)
    CD-Audio Disc
    Mixed Mode
    CD-R and CD-RW with 80mm and 120mm diameter
    Maximum Write Speed on Regular Disc BD-R                            
    BD-R DL                      
    BD-RE DL                   
    DVD+R DL                  
    DVD-R DL                   

    **This machine does NOT copy protected BDs, DVDs, or CDs!

    For questions or detailed product information,
    please call us toll-free at 020 3514 1400.


    3 Years Labor & 1 Year Parts Warranty

    The standard warranty covers the cost of parts and labor against any manufacturer defect within the first year from the original purchase date.

    The cost of labor for product maintenance issues due to defect or malfunction will be honored up to the first 3 years from the original purchase date.

    Lifetime technical support is provided standard.


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