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The USB Connection

What is the USB connection and how it works.

The USB Connection allows you to use the bottom burner of the device as an external burner for your computer. With this USB Connection you will be able to connect your PC only to the bottom burner of the machine. Please NOTE: using this function you can not copy directly from your computer to all other drives.

Please be advised if the duplicator is in stand alone mode and the USB Connection is activated your machine will not be able to see or use the last/bottom burner.
First you need to check if the option is already activated from the advanced menu, to do this follow these steps:

* Select Menu USB Connection
* Turn it to ON and press ENT

The duplicator will automatically reboot, please allow the duplicator to finish the process and do NOT use it until the process is completed.

If you cannot see Menu: USB Connection that means it's not active yet from the ADVANCED MENU.

To do this, follow the next steps:

Press and hold for more then 3 sec the ESC button and a new menu will appear:Adv Menu.
In this menu you need to find Submenu: USB Options and switch it to ON.
When this process is done, press ESC button once to return to the main menu.
Now you will see an extra option: Menu: USB Connection.
This beeing complete you will need to follow the first steps from the tutorial to switch the USB Connection to ON.

Please be advised that once you activate the USB Connection, in stand alone mode, your Duplicator machine will not see or use the last/buttom burner for duplication.

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