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How To Order

Shopping for Duplicator products has never been easier! Browse the rich variety of Duplicator products from the comfort of your own home.

Shopping Cart:
Use the Shopping Cart as you would in a shop! Simply place products you would like to buy inside. Placing a product in your Shopping Cart holds no obligations. If you change your mind, remove an item at any time.

How to add a product to your Shopping Cart:
To add a product to your Shopping Cart, just click on the orange button called "add to basket"found in the detailed display view of each product.

To view the contents of your Shopping Cart:
View the contents of your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking on the button called "CART" in the upper right hand corner of your page. From here, either continue shopping, empty basket or click on Checkout to purchase the contents of your Shopping Cart.

To change the number of products in your Shopping Cart:
If you change your mind and want to change the quantity of an item(s) already in your Shopping Cart, enter the desired quantity and click on the button called "Update" to update the quantity of those items in your Shopping Cart.

To remove products from your Shopping Cart:
Click on the "Remove" button in your Shopping Cart. Please be aware that as long as an item is still visible in your Shopping Cart, it has not been properly deleted.

Friendly customer service representatives can assist you in English, German and Italian and are available Monday through Friday from 08:00 AM - 5:00 PM (GMT). You may also contact us through email at